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Future Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit organization that works to satisfy the needs of the local community by providing hope and love to the "least of these" through feeding programs and efforts to reduce poverty.

What Do We Do

Help individuals get educated on how to become Business Owners, offering Mentoring, Computer training. Help newly released inmates
get back into society through one on one business training. Educate anyone who wants to become Successful Individuals. We teach
about the difference between personal & business credit, among other topics. We would also help the Homeless community by
dispensing personal hygiene products, Hot meals, Clothing and Toys for Tots. Assist the Homeless get back into Society.

How do we do it

Training through business courses/ entrepreneur programs job training, job placement on the business aspect. Dispense personal
hygiene kits, Job placement, Food & Clothing Drives.

How we
increase the effect of your gift

Futures entrepreneurs offer the best nonprofit organizations for preserving and enhancing lives.

You can either designate future entrepreneurs to route your donation to the top charity (or charities) that will benefit the most people.

Some of the world's poorest people benefit significantly from your donation..


At Future Entrepreneurs , we are committed to fostering compassion and improving tomorrow for
all less fortunate people by collaborating with other donors that contribute funds to keep our nonprofit running. We pride ourselves on providing world-class and compassionate humanitarian aid
solutions for all disadvantaged people regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.


Future Entrepreneurs is guided by the following core values. These ‘columns’ create the
foundation of our non-profit organization, reflecting our main priorities and also the approach and
perspective we bring to our members.


We believe in the strength and the capability of the less fortunate people we serve by offering them holistic empowerment programs and solutions. At Future, we use all our resources to ensure our members become holistically empowered


We are dedicated stewards of the resources entrusted to us to benefit our disadvantaged people in our community.


We hold both ourselves and the member we serve to a standard of excellence, as we demonstrate faithfulness to every funds, life, and relationship entrusted to our care.

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